Microsoft Word කියන්නේ ඔබ හැමදෙනාම හොඳින් දන්න Office එකේ වැඩ වලට ඉතාමත් වැදගත් Application එකක්. ඉතින් ඔන්න අපි අද අරන් ඇවිත් තිබෙනවා MS Word එකේ වැඩ ඉක්මනින් කරගන්න Shortcut Keys රාශියක්.

Shortcut Description
Ctrl+W Close the active window / document.
Ctrl+Z Undo an action
Ctrl+Y Redo the last action or repeat an action.
Ctrl+S Save a document
Ctrl+P Print a document.
Ctrl+K Insert a hyperlink.
Alt+Left Arrow Go back one page.
Alt+Right Arrow Go forward one page.
Ctrl+C Copy selected text or graphics to the Office Clipboard.
Ctrl+V Paste the most recent addition to the Office Clipboard.
Ctrl+Shift+A Format all letters as capitals.
Ctrl+B Applies or removes bold formatting.
Ctrl+I Applies or removes italic formatting.
Ctrl+= Apply subscript formatting (automatic spacing).
Alt, F, A Save As.
Alt, S, T, I Insert Table of Contents.
Alt, S, T, R Remove Table of Contents.
Alt, W, F Full Screen Reading – View > Document Views > Full Screen Reading.
Alt, W, R Ruler. View > Show/Hide > Ruler.
Alt, F, X Exit Word.
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