Keyboard එකේ F1 සිට F12 දක්වා තිබෙන Keys හඳුන්වන්නේ Function Keys නමින් වේ. මෙම Keys වලින් කරන්න පුළුවන් වැඩ රාශියක් තිබෙනවා. ඉතින් ඔන්න අපි අද, ඒ කරන්න පුළුවන් හැම වැඩක්ම ඔබ වෙනුවෙන් අරන් ඇවිත් තිබෙනවා.
මෙහි පහත සඳහන් Functions ක්‍රියාත්මක කිරීම සඳහා ඔබේ Keyboard එකේ ඇති fn key එක සමග F1 – F12 කරන්න .

උදාහරණය : fn + F1


  • ඔබ Use කරන ඕනෑම Programme එකක Help Tab එකට පිවිසීමට උපයෝගී වේ
  • BIOS & Boot Menu එකට පිවිසීමට උපයෝගී වේ.
  • Windows Key + F1 —- open the Microsoft Windows help and support center.



  • renames a highlighted icon, file, or folder in all versions of Windows.
  • Alt+Ctrl+F2 —- opens document window in Microsoft Word.’
  • Ctrl+F2 —- displays the print preview in Microsoft Word.
  • BIOS & Boot Menu එකට පිවිසීමට උපයෝගී වේ.



  • opens a search Bar for many programs including Microsoft Windows
  • Shift+F3 —- change the text in Microsoft Word from upper to lower case or a capital letter at the beginning of every word.
  • Windows Key + F3 —- opens the Advanced find window in Microsoft Outlook.



  • Alt+F4 —- closes the program window currently active
  • Repeat the last action in Ms Word



  • refresh or reload the web pages
  • Ctrl+F5 —– clearing the cache in web page
  • Refresh the list of contents in a folder.
  • Starts a slideshow in PowerPoint.



  • Ctrl+Shift+F6 —- opens to another open Microsoft Word document.
  • Move the cursor to the address bar in internet browsers



  • used to spell check and grammar check in Ms Office
  • Increase laptop speaker volume



  • enter the Windows startup menu.
  • used to access Windows Safe Mode.



  • Refresh document in Microsoft Word.
  • Send and receive e-mail in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Reduce laptop screen brightness



  • activates the menu bar of an open application.
  • BIOS & Boot Menu එකට පිවිසීමට උපයෝගී වේ.



  • Enter and exit fullscreen mode in all modern Internet browsers.
  • Ctrl+F11 as computer is starting to access the hidden recovery partition on many Dell computers.
  • Access the hidden recovery partition on Lenovo computers.



  • Open the Save as window in Microsoft Word.
  • Ctrl+F12 opens a document In Word.
  • Shift+F12 saves the Microsoft Word document
  • Ctrl+Shift+F12 prints a document in Microsoft Word.
  • Boot Menu එකට පිවිසීමට උපයෝගී වේ.
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